Do you need legal documents for your business or personal needs?

We create customize legal documents for a low, flat rate.

Are you frustrated with the high cost of legal retainers and hourly fees of attorneys? Get custom legal documents prepared by the Law Offices of John Lippincott for a flat fee! We understand that the typical hourly fee for legal services stifles efficiency and productivity, and can become quite expensive. Every business needs legal assistance at some point, but it’s no secret that legal fees have gotten out of hand. Because of this, we are changing the system!

You can hire the Law Offices of John Lippincott to perform specific legal tasks for you or your company at an affordable flat rate.

If you or your business simply needs a lien filed, a contract reviewed, a letter written, or a legal opinion, it doesn’t make sense to contact an attorney, negotiate a rate, pay a retainer, and then hope the billable hours don’t pile too high. Because of the high costs of attorneys, many people go online and spend hours trying to piece together an important legal document with no individual guidance or counsel. However, the high cost of not hiring an attorney may come back to be even more, later on!

The Law Offices of John Lippincott understands the needs of individuals as well as small and medium sized businesses, and that’s why we perform a number of legal tasks for affordable flat rates. You pay one flat fee, and we’ll give you the legal advice or the legal document you need.

The Advantages of our Fla-Rate Legal Fees v. Traditional Legal Fees:

  • You get honest, up-front pricing
  • You only pay for what you need
  • You receive faster service

Advantages of Flat Fees v. “Do It Yourself” Legal Forms :

  • You get legal advice from an attorney- not the internet
  • Your documents are custom tailored for you
  • You avoid large legal fees
  • You can use your documents again and again

The Law Offices of John Lippincott develops all-inclusive documents with precise language for your case or legal issue. We make sure that all of the issues are covered in detail. Poorly developed contracts with vague language can cause future disputes from unclear expectations. We are driven to protect you from ongoing legal fees through developing comprehensive legal documentation.

We provide Legal Document Preparation Services to those parties who need help completing confusing legal forms and understanding how to file and serve legal documents and process a case from start to finish in the court system for those who wish to handle their cases themselves, but need a little assistance. If you need professional legal assistance drafting legal documents, preparing complicated court forms or have already worked out the terms of your matter and need an experienced lawyer to draft paperwork for you, please contact The Law Offices of John Lippincott, P.C.